Thursday, February 17, 2005

Our New Classroom Fish

There's a fish in room 101! My family gave me a Betta fish for Valentine's Day, intending it to live in my classroom. He's very beautiful: silvery blue and magenta. He lives in a little tank whose burgundy-colored cover has a low-wattage light in it to keep his water warm. His home is on my desk beside the photo gallery of my daughters' pictures.

For two days I collected suggestions from my students of what to name the fish. They filled a chalkboard with their ideas and left over fifty options by the end of today. After school, the girls came to my classroom and narrowed the list down to their three favorites: Bubbles, Sparky, and Raoul. My wife thinks that if I combine the three into one name, the best order rhythmically is Raoul Sparky Bubbles; however, my daughters want it made clear that the fish should be known by Bubbles.

So be it! Welcome to room 101, Bubbles the Betta fish!

Friday, February 04, 2005