Sunday, November 21, 2004

Talented Students

I'm pretty proud of (most of) the students at our school when I see all the things they're capable of.

This weekend I attended the musical Anything Goes and was impressed at how well they were able to work together--with the help of the directors, designers, and choreographer--to create a fresh production of an oft-told musical tale. I played Billy in a production of Anything Goes in college, so seeing it brought back many fond memories.

The following day, I chaperoned a pep bus to Minneapolis to see the Green Wave win the football semifinal game against Glencoe-Silver Lake! I won't make their next game; it's the day after Thanksgiving.

However, it's fun to see the spectrum of skills and talents our students have, from academics to arts to athletics. No matter what students are good at/interested in, it seems there's some way for them to get involved at school and show off/develop their abilities.

(Or ARE there some kids with no way to "get connected" at school or get involved in their particular interests? You tell me.)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Post-Conferences Post

I love parent/teacher conferences. It's generally a joy to visit with my students' parents and guardians. For some, it's a chance to compliment their child on work well done. For others, it's a chance to talk honestly about what their child should be doing differently. Parents usually have some interesting background information to share on their child, too, that comes out only at conferences! My student-teacher did a great job, too, at visiting with the parents and sharing useful details about the students and keeping the conferences going at a good pace. I only wish more parents would take advantage of the opportunity to visit with us teachers. I hope more parents will make use of iMoberg now, too (which, BTW, now shows up when I Google my name!).

Monday, November 01, 2004

November's Thought-Provoking Question(s)


Gary's response to my "Alias Addiction" post (below) got me thinking: What do YOU consider to be "quality television"? I know there are some who consider television in general to be a waste of time and a waste of the mind. Granted, there's a LOT of garbage on TV that's not worth anyone's time to watch. A good book, some exercise, or conversation with family or friends is a better option in most any case. However, I believe that there are SOME TV shows that are well written, entertaining, and worthy of being considered artistic, just as we might consider a well written play or book to be "art" or a well written movie as Oscar-worthy.

What do you think? Consider the TV shows that you watch. Some of them you might watch just because they're fun, although you might agree that they're not "quality writing." But are there any that you believe are good because of the quality of their writing, acting, production values, etc.? (Reality shows don't count because there are no writers controlling their content or actors practicing their art in them.)

Tell about the "quality" TV shows that you watch, and explain what makes them stand out as "good" amidst an ocean of pretty dismal, sometimes awful television programming.