Saturday, October 09, 2004

October's Thought-Provoking Question(s)

With so many students in each class, and with so many classes each day, can a teacher ever really get to know a particular student well enough to meet his or her learning needs? Have you had, or do you have, teachers who seemed to know you well? Or who were able to give you the attention you needed and not make you feel lost in the crowd?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

What I Do at Night!

Okay, so I got a question about the play I auditioned for a few weeks ago: what play, and how did it go? I auditioned for I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, a musical revue featuring two men and two women, acting out scenes and singing songs about dating (Act I) and marriage (Act II). (More info here.) And I got the part. So, each night, another cast member (from Grand Forks, ND) and I drive to Crookston, MN for a couple hours of rehearsal. I'm sacrificing time with my family, and time to sleep (easier to skip sleep than to fall behind on school work), to do something that I enjoy (and something that I TEACH, for heaven's sake!) for the next several weeks. Performances are October 28-31 at the Northland Inn in Crookston (it's a dinner theatre production). Do my students know what I'm doing at night? Doubt it. (Do I know what they're doing at night?! Impossible . . .)

The Curtain Falls

As of last night, our children's theatre production is over. With my being gone so much for jury duty the past two weeks, and with our limited four-week rehearsal process, this year's production was a bit of a stress. On the other hand, this year more than any other, the students themselves took charge and are largely responsible for what audiences saw on stage. Kudos to student directors Mike E. and Katie D. for all their work, to the upperclassmen for guiding the freshmen working on their first high school production, to Mr. Voigt and Mrs. Hotvedt for their work behind the scenes on the set and costumes, and to the cast and crew themselves for creating a production with appeal to all our young audiences. Four shows in two days, with 200 to 300 audience members each performance--whew!

And the elementary school drama camp, which ran each day from 3:30 to 4:30 this past week, ended last night with performances of skits before the children's theatre production. Because the little kids were so energetic and unfocused throughout the week, we really held our breath when they took to the stage last night. However, they came through and did a fine job that pleased their family in the audience. It was a challenge for the high school Drama Club members who helped Katie D. each day. Congratulations to all the helpers, and to Katie herself for organizing the event as her project for a Girl Scouts award.

And now, on to our next production: the musical. Rehearsals start already on Monday!