Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two Days for Susan

Happy Mother's Day! We already had a few things scheduled for today that would prevent this from being entirely an all-about-Susan day . . . so we spread the celebrating out over yesterday and today!

For a gift for Susan, the girls and I knew that we wanted to upgrade some of her kitchen items: replace scratched-up pans and baking sheets, cracked measuring cups, etc. We also wanted to add pieces that she didn't already have but could use; after all, she's quite the culinary queen, and she deserves fine instruments with which to perform her art and craft. But what do we really know about exactly what she wants or could use? So I told Susan outright what her gift was going to be . . . and then invited her to go shopping for it with us! Hey, at least she got to pick out things that she wanted and didn't have to deal with our clueless selections. We went shopping yesterday before and after supper and again today after dinner, and Susan was able to select cookery that meets her standards and fits in with her current collection.

The girls got Mommy something of their own, too. Suzanna and Susan had to go to the mall a few days ago on an errand, and Suzanna snuck along some of her own cash. When they arrived at the mall, Suzanna sent Susan on her way to one store while Suzanna hustled alone down to Bath and Body Works and perused the possibilities, finally settling on a collection of travel-sized sprays and lotions in a decorative basket. She also opted to buy a gift bag. Having made the selection and purchase all by herself, she was proud as can be and could hardly wait to tell me all about it. I wouldn't let her show me the gift, though, telling her that I wanted to be surprised and wait until Mommy opened it . . . and that about sent Suzanna into nervous ticks. For days she kept offering to sneak me a peak, but I politely declined. Ah, the torture; it was rich.

Anyhoo, Suzanna did a fine job of selecting a lovely basket and travel-sized products in a scent that Susan liked, and that gift was from all three girls. The kitchen items were from all four of us, as were three dozen flowers, too: roses, carnations, daisies, etc., mostly in shades of pink (except for the daisies). And of course there were the meals: supper last night at Applebee's, dinner today at Bonanza, and supper tonight courtesy of KFC. Yummo on all counts!

And then there were the special events. Last night Susan and I went to the new Star Trek movie . . . and it was terrific! This afternoon we went to a performance by Form & Fusion, the dance troupe at the university, and it, too, was very enjoyable. Other special events: Hillary's choir sang for church this morning, and tonight the girls had dance practice . . . yes, on Mother's Day. That inconvenient intrusion on our evening is what caused us to do our dining out last night and to do take-out chicken for supper tonight--so that we could wolf it down before having to shuttle the girls off to the dance studio. On Mother's Day. (Bitter much?)

All in all, though, it was a good celebration of Susan, who is a great mother and deserves the recognition.

P.S. Yesterday was the first lawn mowing of the spring. It has begun . . .

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  1. It was a fabulous celebration -- thank you very much!