Friday, July 31, 2009


blog: shortened form of "Web log," a Web site at which a person writes a log to share with others who access the site; a blog may serve as an online diary, or a means to share commentary on a particular subject, or a collection of media or links to other Web sites; a blog usually offers readers the ability to leave comments, thus allowing for communication not only between the blogger and the reader but also among readers themselves

(Do you remember having read this?)

Blogger Scott Rosenberg has written a book about blogging. In Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It's Becoming, and Why It Matters (see the book's Web site and/or Mr. Rosenberg's blog), he chronicles the development of blogging since its beginnings 15 years ago. When one considers the oxymoronic nature of a blog (e.g., maintaining a private journal and then making it public, accessible by the 1.5 billion users of the World Wide Web), it is quite remarkable that the form has proliferated and become so commonplace.

But commonplace it is; and you, Dear Reader, are part of the phenomenon. It is very likely that you're reading this blog because you are either a relative or a friend who checks out Pensive? No, Just Thinking for updates on my family and our goings-on. It is also possible, however, that you are a stranger to me who has stumbled upon this blog by accident, the result of a search engine query or a click of some other site's link. (In either case, "Welcome!")

As an aspiring Web maven myself (and inveterate 'Net surfer), I have stumbled upon many a worthwhile blog in my day. There is a wealth of blogitude available to you, and I have chosen to create and share with you next month a catablogue.

catablogue: combination of "catalogue" and "blog," a term I just now made up to mean a list of blogs with descriptive information about each

Daily throughout August, I will create my catablogue with a daily post to this blog that describes, and links to, another blog--one that I have found worthwhile and can recommend to you. You may find the wealth of blogs on the Interwebs to be overwhelming, so allow me to give direction to your browsing by pointing out a few blogs of note that just may amuse, educate, or edify you.

Ready? My first recommendation is coming up tomorrow!

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