Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Am Davis; Hear Me Roar

Time for more photos of our adorable nephew Davis, whose first Halloween was spent in a lion costume. ("Say 'Roar,' Davis! Come on!")

The kid knows how to pose, huh? Apparently his folks (Susan's sister Cassie and her husband Nick) just left him sitting out on the front step all night to serve as a themed decoration next to the pumpkin. Maybe he also handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

I artsy-fartsified a couple pics of Davis and his parents. Here he is with Mommy.

And here he is with Daddy. (Nice hat, Nick.)

Aw, isn't he just the cutest? Keep those kisses a-comin', Mommy! (Oh, wait, he's a Southern boy--maybe he calls her "Big Momma"? or "Miss Cassie"?)


  1. They're all coming for Christmas --can't wait!!!

  2. What a cute Lion! Davis is getting so big and cuter in every picture! Cassie if you see this give Davis a hug from me!

    Love Aunt Jake