Wednesday, February 10, 2010


You've heard of "aftermath," "afterbirth," and "afternoon," but have you heard of "aftermilk"?

Some background: Our daughters enjoy a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and we buy the kind that they can make for themselves by adding milk and heating it in the microwave. After the oatmeal is done cooking, they add a little more milk both to cool it and to thin it out a bit before eating it.

The story: This morning, one of Hillary's sisters prepared a bowl of oatmeal for Hillary and set it on the counter for her while she was out of the room. When Hillary returned to the kitchen, she saw the hot cereal at her place and inquired, "Did you already add the aftermilk?" "Aftermilk" is a word to Hillary, and we all know what she means when she uses it.

af·ter·milk (āf'tər-mĭlk) -- n. -- dairy liquid added, as a cooling agent, to hot breakfast cereal after cooking it but before consuming it