Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 June 13-19

Friday, June 17

The arrival of house guests: Susan's sister Cassie and her two kids, Davis (two years old) and Marly (three months old--and my soon-to-be goddaughter)!

Davis needed sunglasses for the car ride.  Clever style of wearing them!
Abigail and I were delighted to meet Marly Sue!

Saturday, June 18

A day-early Father's Day celebration in the morning (because Hillary's birthday is tomorrow, too, and we didn't want her to have to share "her day" with me), and a Sankthansaften celebration (recall?) with our Sons of Norway lodge in the afternoon at Lake Ilo, along with the arrival of another house guest: Susan and Cassie's brother Jerrett.

Although opening my Father's Day gifts, I was already in the spirit of Sankthansaften in my Norwegian flag shirt.
Abigail was only too happy to hold Davis during the gift opening.
And Hillary felt the same about Marly.
Susan made two dishes to contribute to the Sankthansaften potluck.  One was a platter of laks smørbrød: smoked slmon open-faced sandwiches on pumpernickel with chive, dill, cucumber, radish, red onion, capers, and parsley.
The other dish was bløtkake: white layer cake made from scratch, soaked in strawberry syrup, frosted with real whipped cream, and topped with strawberries.

The picnic area at Lake Ilo made for a beautiful spot for our Scandinavian Midsummer bonfire and potluck meal.
We played kubb, an old Viking game that involves throwing sticks to knock down wooden pins for points.  Here's an action shot featuring Hillary and Abigail.
A couple lodge members got the bonfire going.
Suzanna took Davis out to look at the lake.  (He wasn't so much into playing kubb.)

Sunday, June 19

Hillary's 10th birthday!

Her day started with gifts in the morning.  This was a homemade card from her sisters; in it, they wrote personalized notes so sweet that reading them aloud made Hillary cry!
Daddy and his little girlies!
For her birthday supper, Hillary requested a meal at Sanford's Grub and Pub.  Here's our whole fam: Abigail, Suzanna, Susan, I, and Hillary.
Davis loves his "Unka Kevin."
The enormous chocolate chip cookie that the restaurant gave Hillary for a birthday dessert.
Marly just barely got here, and already she's sad about the prospect of having to leave again!
I think Davis is un-amused at having to model the tiara.  And rightly so.
Susan's dad, Roger, holding his granddaughter Marly
Time for some birthday cake, baked and frosted by Susan.
The obligatory pose with the birthday cake.  Happy 10th birthday, sweet Hillary!
Marly's excited . . . she thinks she's going to get a piece of that cake!

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