Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Springtime Blizzard

Ridiculous. This past weekend, the weather was so pleasant that the girls played outdoors without coats, and most of the snow was completely melted away from the lawn and the streets. Monday night a blizzard hit our state with such ferocity that the sheriff announced "no travel" in the county, and the police issued the same edict for the city. The city snow plows couldn't get out because the snow plow drivers couldn't get to the plows! The public schools were closed both yesterday and today . . . and so was the university!! You know it's bad weather when a ND university closes; that just doesn't happen!

Last night, once the snowfall had let up, we went outdoors to start cleaning up the snow. We could not get out our front door due to the four-foot-high snow drift running all along the south side of our house/north edge of our driveway! I ran the snowblower and made paths for both vehicles before running out of gas, but kind neighbor Chuck brought me some more so that I could resume working this morning.

After two hours last night and another three this morning, I finished snowblowing (and that includes cleaning out the end of the driveway after the city plows pushed snow from the street into our driveway). Susan assisted both last night and today, shoveling the tops off the drifts for me to pick up with the machine. The girls helped a bit, too, but Suzanna was also in charge of photography (that's why there are no pics of her below), and all three wanted to play in the snow drifts . . . and how could I say "no"? So they've got some tunnels dug in the drifts all around the house, and the neighborhood kids have been joining them, and we've got wet snowsuits and boots and gloves lying against the heaters in our mud room. It's like prime wintertime fun . . . at the beginning of spring! Welcome to ND.

Hm, can't get out the front door.

Yeah, looking out from the garage, it's clear why we couldn't get out the front door!


  1. HOLY COW!!! I haven't seen that much snow since I lived in Minneapolis! It was either in '92 or '93. I left town a little bit early so that I could get back to ND to hear Cathy's band play in Williston. It was October if I recall.....ANyhooo....whilst I was gone, 31 inches of snow piled up in the cities. Not fun trying to drive on the washboardy roads through the city on my way home again. Sheesh!

  2. You should see the snow still piled up IN the streets -- many streets are barely wide enough for 2 cars to pass. CRAZY!

  3. This is RIdiculous!! And a huge reason for why I live in the south! :)

  4. Wow, why do you live in that state? It does look like a beautiful January snow day.
    PS-The photography is excellent!

  5. All this snow drives me nuts!!!:)