Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Night Fun Night

A couple weeks ago, we made plans with our friend Monica to join her for supper at her apartment this evening. She has been so good to our daughters, who think of her as a "foster grandmother," and so nice to Susan and me--a friendly spirit and kind soul who is one of many reasons to enjoy attending Sons of Norway lodge meetings. When we arrived at her place, she had the table set and the counter and fridge stocked with food! We ordered pizza and sat in the living room to visit. When the pizza arrived, we moved to the dining room for supper.

In addition to the pizza, Monica served a tray of dill pickles, pickled beets, and crudités and a dish of strawberries, mango, and pineapple. She had Shirley Temples for the girls and wine for the adults. After supper, she served red velvet cake with vanilla ice cream. She had also made a batch of fudge, and we couldn't resist sampling that, too, when she sent the plate around. It was a tasty meal during which we enjoyed good conversation.

We brought a couple games to play afterward: Apples to Apples Junior and Taboo. Monica wasn't familiar with either of them, so we enjoyed teaching her how to play each one. Susan had made a batch of ranch-flavored pretzels and a batch of sweet-'n'-salty cereal mix for us to snack on while playing, but we were all so stuffed from supper and dessert that we couldn't even think about opening the snacks!

Time flew, and soon it was time to get the girls back home and into bed to be ready for school tomorrow. Monica had a bouquet of long-stemmed roses in her living room, and before we left, she had each girl choose one to take home (plus one for Susan and one for me, too). How thoughtful! We had a delightful evening--thanks, Monica!

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  1. It was a delightful evening -- and the roses are still looking beautiful :-)