Thursday, August 12, 2010

Abigail's Two (Out of Three) Birthdays

Abigail, our "middlest" daughter (as she refers to herself), turned 11 years old today, and she couldn't have been more excited for this day to arrive!  And why shouldn't she be excited?  Today was her second birthday celebration, and she still has one more to go!

While my sisters and I were all home at our dad's last week for the McGregor centennial (remember?), they wanted to have an early birthday celebration for Abigail.  So she had a birthday cake, and she opened gifts from her grandparents and aunts--it was a very nice family event.

The same woman who made the birthday/birthday/anniversary cake for Susan and me last week (remember?) also made this Barbie cake for Abigail.

Today is Abigail's actual birthday, so she got to plan the whole day.  For breakfast she requested that we go to Hardee's.  Afterwards we returned home, and she opened her gifts from us (and went particularly wild when she opened the video camcorder, which she used the rest of the morning to record impromptu movies with her sisters).

Our beautiful eleven-year-old daughter Abigail

Hillary and Abigail

Suzanna and Abigail

For dinner Abigail asked if she could make the meal (with Mommy's help).  We didn't find out what was on the menu until we were invited to sit down and eat.

Abigail made a marinara sauce for stuffed pasta shells, which she and Susan stuffed with a combination of four cheeses.  They also served buttered corn and a fresh fruit salad.  Delicious!

In the afternoon, Abigail was treated to a "spa day" by her sisters.  There were facial masques and painted fingernails and toenails and fancy hairstyles and probably other means of pampering, too.  After that, Abigail wanted to teach me to play the Wii (which we have owned since Christmas but which I have never played--I always just leave it to the girls to enjoy), so she did.  Then we got to chat with her aunt Cassie and cousin Davis in SC via Skype.  Then it was time for supper.

Abigail requested that we eat at El Sombrero, a Mexican restaurant that is a favorite.  Tonight we had a slightly harried server whose English was a challenge to comprehend, but the food itself did not disappoint.

The girls asked, "May we do one with funny faces?"  Wish granted.

After supper, Susan's dad was able to join us at home for birthday cake.  Susan made a double-layer chocolate cake with dulce de leche buttercream frosting.  Oh, yes, it was delicious.  Abigail's final request for her birthday was to watch Project Runway together, which we did.  It was a pretty low-key day compared to my birthday two days ago, but it was exactly what Abigail requested.

And remember, she still has one more birthday celebration to come: a party with her friends next week.  The theme is "Fancy French Party," an idea suggested by her American Girl Magazine.  It gives ideas for invitations, party favors, treats, and party games and activities that follow the theme.  Tune in next week to see just how French it all turns out!  Until then, happy birthday to our dear Abigail!


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Abigail! I hope you enjoyed your day :-)

  2. Looks like a great day was had by all! Happy birthday Abigail! You're all growing up too fast!