Sunday, August 08, 2010

McGregor Centennial, Day 3

The McGregor, ND centennial celebration wrapped up today with a focus on Zion Lutheran Church, which also is 100 years old now.  Our family provided music for the church service in the morning and the program in the afternoon, so it turned out to be A Very Moberg Day at Zion.

It was, ironically, hot as Hades in the church and not much better outside, even in the shade with a breeze.  Not ideal conditions for wearing a long-sleeved shirt and tie all day long, but I toughed it out.  There was a church service at 10:30 A.M., dinner immediately thereafter, and a program back in the church at 2:00 P.M.

A familiar sight to me!

My mom was a life-long member of Zion, where as an adult she taught Sunday school, belonged to Ladies' Aid, helped with numerous projects around the church, and served as organist for several years before she died.  That was nine years ago, but she is still dearly missed by her family and friends.  In fact, centennial organizers placed this yellow rose on the organ today in memory of Mom.

My sister Sandy and I each have worked as church organists, and she was asked to be the organist for today's centennial service at Zion.  She brought a book of sacred music written as piano duets, and we played through it as part of the prelude for the church service.

At the point in the service when the congregation normally would say the Lord's prayer, my sister Cathy, our dad, and I sang it instead.

Sandy, Abigail, Hillary, Cathy, Suzanna, I, and Susan were the musicians (along with Dad) for the service.  Sandy played a piano solo ("The Love of the Lord") for "special music."  Susan and the girls sang "Come to Jesus" (and I accompanied them on the piano) during the offering.  After the service had ended, the meal wasn't quite ready to serve . . . so one of the organizers came to our pew and asked us if our daughters could sing another song to stall for time!  So we grabbed a hymnal, and Susan and the girls sang "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (and I accompanied).

Dad and his kids: Sandy, Cathy, and I

The dinner was prepared by my cousin Darren's wife Joan and their family.  Some people ate in the fellowship hall in the church's basement, but we ate at a table outside in the shade.  Afterwards everyone went back into the church for a program that included an address by a former pastor, some memories shared by those in attendance, and several musical numbers.  The girls joined Susan, Cathy, and me to sing "That Little Old Church in the Valley" and "In the Valley Flows a River" (McGregor sits in Sauk Valley).  Without the girls, Cathy, Susan, and I sang "A Closing Prayer."  Sandy accompanied us on the piano for all those songs, but she stood to sing "My, Oh My" as a duet with Cathy, who accompanied on the guitar.  Whew!  That's a lot of Moberg music!

Due to the extreme heat, I was actually quite happy to call it a day after the program ended and get the heck out of McGregor.  We changed into comfy clothes and packed up.  After supper with Dad, Beverly, and my sisters, we hit the road for home.  It was a fun-filled, hot, busy, hot, active, and hot weekend, but we had a very good time and, as my dad told me, "made a good impression."  Mission accomplished!

There's no such thing as "too many" photos if you're a Moberg.


  1. Zion is a pretty, little church -- and everyone is always so nice when we're there. It was a pleasure to celebrate with them.

  2. Such great photos! I'm working on my version of the entire weekend. Great pics too!