Wednesday, March 23, 2011

School Canceled on Account of Spring

After several days of temperate, snow-melting weather--and just a day or two into the official start of spring--the weather was nasty enough yesterday to prompt the university to close early and to stay closed today.  Heavy rain turned to thick sheets of ice on the roads, and the temperatures remained just warm enough to insure that the snow stayed thick and fell onto warm pavement, upon which the snow became slushy on the bottom and heavy on top from all its moisture.  Perfect snow for building a snowman or having a snowball fight, but miserable snow for trying to shovel off a driveway.

The highways and roads may have been in bad shape, but in town it seemed like a lovely afternoon . . . inappropriate for a "storm day" home from work.  Ditto today!  After the girls got home from school yesterday, they helped me clean off the driveway (they with shovels, me with a snowblower that wondered if I was seriously expecting it to deal with that wet, heavy snow--but better the snowblower than my back); we repeated it this morning after a night's worth of snowfall; and I went out again at noon before Susan came home from work to have dinner with me at home (yep, she and the girls all had school again today, even though the university remained closed).

More melty temperatures and snow are forecast for this weekend.  And this is spring?!

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  1. That sounds like exactly the same kind of snow we had on Friday. Verrry wet....I actually had rain gear on at work that day to keep my stuff dry! It made our deicing more difficult as well. It was thick on the wings and tail and didn't want to just be blasted off from the force of the hot glycol as it usually would. By Saturday, it was all melted again. Weird Nebraska weather we have.