Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moberg Models

Last night Hillary went to a friend's house to spend the night, so she wasn't with us as we went to Spaghetti Western for supper.  We chose that place because the university student who gives Suzanna's private lessons on trombone was performing there as a lounge singer with a friend of his on the piano.  It was fun to hear them perform American standards and light jazz songs (and he even played muted trombone on a few of them).  We were all in a good end-of-the-week, delicious-food-and-fun-background-music kind of mood, so of course I had to take some photos:

Today Susan attended an all-day workshop at church (as the Sunday school director, she was there as a church employee and must return for Part II tomorrow).  So this morning I got Abigail to and from Nurse Camp (remember what that is?) at the university, took Suzanna grocery shopping, picked up Hillary from her sleepover, and baked dessert for tonight's supper (read more about it in a few hours).  I took the girls to Arby's for dinner (yum!), during which time I had to take more photos:

I love our family.


  1. While the workshop I attended was very enlightening, it certainly doesn't look as entertaining as your meal at Arby's!

  2. I love your family too!!! Especially the silly face pics, they are my fav!