Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creepy Carvers

We bought little pumpkins at the grocery store so that our little girlies could create their own jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween. Tonight Susan set them to the task. Here are Abigail, Hillary, and Suzanna scraping out the pumpkins and setting aside the seeds to soak, salt, and roast later on.

Hillary needed a little help getting some holes started before she could cut out eyes and a mouth for her jack-o'-lantern. (And I needed not to watch her wield her knife in the unsafest manner possible, causing visions of amputated fingers to dance in my head.)

Punkins with pumpkins! On Halloween night these jack-o'-lanterns will sit on our steps, casting spooky light upon wee trick-or-treaters who approach our front door. Thanks for the exterior home decor, girlies!

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