Monday, October 05, 2009

Cute Nephews (Plural)

Our newest nephew, Davis, continues to be cute (no surprise). Here are some samples of his seven-month-old cuteness:

This is from his cuteness-on-a-couch series.

Here, Davis demonstrates that he can be cute on the floor, too.

Davis has a keen interest in literature.

He also enjoys the outdoors.

Because Davis is a baby, he seems to get all the cute-nephew-attention around this-here blog. But we've got three other nephews who, despite being years away from babyhood, have maintained their own cuteness (come on, gentlemen, don't blush--own it!) into adulthood.

My sister Sandy's stepson Aaron, who just turned 22 this month.

My sister Sandy's stepson Ryan, turning 21 next month.

Susan's brother Jerrett's stepson Arron, who just turned 18 this month and will graduate from high school in the spring.

Fine-lookin' group, huh?


  1. All very nice looking gentlemen! Amazing to see our nephews so grown up -- seems like they should still be little boys, not adults!

  2. I agree! Aging like fine wine! Aaron will be getting married next July from what I understand!

  3. I've been trying to figure out where you got the pics of Aaron and Ryan....hmmmm.