Friday, October 23, 2009

Moreys: The Next Generation

Susan's aunt Jake and her kids are in town this weekend from CO, so Susan's aunt Kathy invited all the Moreys over for supper tonight. Susan, the girls, and I were there to eat up the sausage/dumplings/peas and to visit with the relatives:
  • Kathy, her daughter Tina, and Tina's son Kylan
  • Susan's aunt Mary and uncle Dale
  • Susan's uncle Terry and aunt Audrey, their son Brian, and their son Mike and his wife Lindsey and their daughters Cadence and Madison
  • Jake, her son Jon, and her daughter Kelli and her daughter Kynnedi
Family get-togethers are so awesome, and Kathy and Pat have a great house for accommodating everybody for such events. I got to hold the sweet little babies and play with Cadence, who took a little while to warm up, but who became my buddy over the course of 43 or 44 consecutive times putting together and then taking apart the same 12-piece wooden puzzle at the dining room table. The girls enjoyed playing with all their cute second-cousins, too. Wanna see the cuties?

Mike and Lindsey's older daugher Cadence concentrates on the puzzle.

Mike and Lindsey's younger daughter Madison models her adorable outer wear, perfect for an autumn evening.

Tina and Craig's son Kylan takes a break from playing with the girls.

Kelli and J.J.'s daughter Kynnedi smiles all the time! What a happy baby.


  1. It is so much fun to see how the little ones change from visit to vist, and good to be able to catch up with aunts, uncles, & cousins too!

  2. great pics of all the tykes!

  3. Thanks for the pictures! It's fun to see how grown up they are getting.