Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I'd Like to Thank the Academy . . ."

Each spring the university holds an event at which it recognizes staff and faculty for achieving milestones in terms of years of service, honors those who are retiring after distinguished careers, and awards those who have been noted for excellence. People receive gifts for years of service and retirement, and they receive trophies and money for awards of excellence. Afterward several kinds of homemade pie are served with ice cream and coffee, so there is always a crowd in attendance (more so for the pie than for the gifts and awards).

Well, this afternoon my name was called to receive one of those awards: the Innovative Teacher of the Year Award! The gentleman announcing the awards kept the suspense going for each one by not saying who the recipient was until the very end of each introductory speech (e.g., "This next award goes to someone whom students describe as . . ."). When the Innovative Teacher category rolled around, the announcer read comments from colleagues and students of mine who described things I've done in the department and in the courses that I teach, so I figured out relatively quickly that it was I whose name he would be calling . . . and I was right!

The president shook my hand and presented me with the trophy (see below) and a check for the stipend, both of which are impressive and much appreciated. A number of people stopped by afterward to congratulate me and share kind words. Plus, I got pie and ice cream! What a great surprise and a wonderful end to the day.


  1. Nice trophy....but how much was the check?....hmm??? (Way to go brother dear! Congratulations!)

  2. Congratulations! The girls and I are so proud of you!!!