Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slides and Valves

Tonight the girls and I attended an instrumental music recital at the university. Two brass players (Alyssa on trumpet, Sam on trombone) prepared a junior recital to showcase their skills. I know them both as former students of mine, and the girls know them for other reasons: Alyssa was a counselor at the girls' summer Bible camp, Sam is Suzanna's teacher for private lessons on trombone, and they both were involved with Seussical: The Musical along with the girls.

Susan would have come, too, but decided to stay home to get some baking done for a bake sale on Saturday (a fundraiser for our Sons of Norway lodge). So I gathered up the ducklings, and we went to the recital. Sam and Alyssa alternated solos on their individual instruments and did well. Sam played one song that required him to use a technique I had never heard of: humming while blowing air through the trombone! It was unusual. For a music course last semester, Sam and Alyssa had each been required to arrange a song for a brass ensemble, and they ended tonight's recital by bringing out other brass musicians to play those arrangements along with them.

"Refreshments were served" after the recital, so while the girls had cookies and lemonade, we chatted with other attendees and congratulated the musicians. It's nice to have access to artistic events such as this and to let the girls see what they themselves could do someday if they continue to study and perform music.

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  1. I was sorry to miss the recital -- but I did get a LOT of baking done. :-)