Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Transition for Suzanna

On Wednesday nights, the girls have church choir rehearsal. Their two choirs for children (organized by age group) sing regularly for church throughout the school year, and they even performed at a local nursing home last week. Before breaking for the summer, they have a talent show and pizza party at their last Wednesday get-together in May, and the parents are invited to enjoy the talent and eat with their kids. So that's what we did tonight.

It was Suzanna's last time in the children's choir. After sixth grade, if one wishes to continue singing in a choir at church, one joins the adult choir (which she plans to do). The end of sixth grade will mark another transition for her: the end of weekly Sunday school classes* and the beginning of confirmation classes. In fact, after eating our pizza tonight, we joined Suzanna and the other sixth-graders and their parents in the church sanctuary for an informational meeting on confirmation classes, which Suzanna will begin attending this summer. She was a little excited and a little nervous to embark on this new journey, but Susan and I know that Suzanna will do fine. We're just not so sure about ourselves as we have to check off one more item on Suzanna's "growing up" list.

*There are Sunday school classes for junior high school students, too, but they're not so well attended because those students have weekly confirmation classes and mentor group meetings to attend, too. They also occur at the same time as adult choir rehearsals, and the organizer of junior high Sunday school classes herself told us to send Suzanna to choir rehearsal instead! So we will.

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