Friday, May 07, 2010

A Capell-awesome

We have season tickets to the Dickinson Area Concert Association's series of performances by various musicians on national tour, and the final concert of this season was tonight. It was a concert by Home Free, and they were just terrific! You'll get a good sense of their awesomeness by going to their site to listen to their music and view their videos yourself.

We liked their tight and accurate harmonies and rhythms, their outgoing personalities and humor (verbal, physical, and musical), and their contemporaneity (they used a digital projector for various purposes throughout the concert, they collected our e-mail addresses to add to an electronic mailing list, and they stood on stage and took digital photos of the crowd and then posted the pics to their Facebook page). They won us over; afterward we bought all their CDs and got in line for the girls to hug them and get their autographs.

And we're already looking forward to the next season of concerts. Each year that we have been season ticket holders, we have felt that it has been a very good investment, that's for sure.


  1. What a great concert! Very talented individuals who worked great as a team.

  2. I like their music! Very impressive....I remember going to these concerts in Tioga when we were in high school. Fun times....