Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Award Winners in Da House

You may recall last year's end-of-the-school-year awards ceremony at the girls' elementary school. A similar event occurred today, and Susan and I were notified in advance by the school that Hillary and Abigail would be receiving awards, in case we wished to attend . . . and so we did. (As a sixth-grader, Suzanna attends a different school, and they don't have this kind of an awards ceremony there.)

I could share photos and video clips with you, Faithful Reader, but they're of poor quality due to our distance from our award-winning daughters. (A new seating arrangement in the gymnasium this year pushed the parents farther away from "the action," and additionally we were seated behind several rows of other parents. Tall parents. With big heads.) But the girls won the President's Award for Educational Excellence and awards for displaying good character, and Abigail "graduated" from fifth grade and was congratulated, handed a certificate, and wished a fond farewell (because, as a sixth-grader, she will move on to the sixth-grade building that Suzanna has gone to all year).

Susan and I were as proud as could be as we watched Hillary and Abigail accept their awards. It was especially fun to watch Abigail as she stood in line with her classmates, waiting for her turn to shake her teacher's hand and receive her "diploma." We weren't too far away for me to see the eagerness on Abigail's face and the excitement in her body language; it looked as though it was taking all the self-control she could muster just to keep from leaping up and down! Congratulations, Abigail, on this momentous occasion; and congratulations, both of you, on your honors.

P.S. Next fall, each of the girls will be the only Moberg in her building. Hillary will "represent" at her grades K-5 school; Abigail will be alone at her grade 6 school; and Suzanna will move to the grades 7-8 school. Transitions!


  1. The next time Hillary will be in a school building with one of her sisters is when she's a freshman! Crazy. But wonderful awards for our girls -- we're so proud!

  2. Oh, I can just see Abigail standing in one spot and almost jogging in place just waiting for her turn! How cute! Congratulations girls!