Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Road Trip: Day 2

Road Report
Today's route: Harwood, ND to Omaha, NE on I-29 and I-680 (429 miles).  I drove through whiteout conditions on snow-compacted roads from the ND border to midway between Watertown and Brookings, SD; but the rest of the way, the roads and weather were great.

Notable Events
Jeff had to work this morning, but we enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Janelle and the kids before packing up (while the kids played outside in the snow with the neighbor children) and heading to my sister Sandy's home in Omaha.  She, meanwhile, was monitoring the flights of our sister Cathy, who was flying from OR to spend Christmas with us all in Omaha.  As it turned out, we pulled into Sandy's driveway at exactly the same time as Sandy did on her way back from picking Cathy up at the airport!  We enjoyed a late supper of homemade chili and relaxed after a long day of driving.


  1. Thank you for getting us through the not-so-nice portions of today's drive--you're awesome!!!

  2. I was so excited to have everyone at my house at once! But we missed Dad and Beverly... ;-(