Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Road Trip: Day 5

Road Report
None; we stayed in Omaha today.

Notable Events
My sister Cathy's roommate Kathy took a little road trip of her own this holiday season, flying to her mom's home and them driving with her from WY to MO to spend Christmas with family there.  On their way back, they took a detour through Omaha in order to see us! We all met at a nearby truck stop for dinner just after noon, and we shared Christmas stories and spent some quality time together.  How nice of them to go out of their way to see us!

Our daughters are missing swim team practices while we're on the road, so we went to a nearby YMCA this afternoon so the girls could do a little swimming.  Suzanna led her sisters in a practice of her own design while Susan and my sisters watched; meanwhile, I found a grocery store and bought some ingredients for supper . . . which is what I did once we got home.  While making the ham stock last night, I had suggested that Sandy use it to make homemade split pea soup--to which she turned up her nose (apparently, some negative encounters with that food in elementary school have scarred her palate for life).  So I went online to find other options and then offered to make this soup for tonight's supper.  It was easy to make and SO good!  And there's plenty of it left over for our continued enjoyment tomorrow.


  1. That soup was SOOOOOO good!!! The sweet glaze from the smoked ham gave it a really nice flavor--sweet and spicy at the same time. Yum.