Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Road Trip: Day 4

Road Report
None; we stayed in Omaha today.

Notable Events
Santa found our daughters in Omaha!  Although he dropped some of their gifts off back at home (for them to find when we get back), he did stuff their stockings (hanging from Sandy's fireplace mantel) and leave some packages for them here, too.  We all sat in our pajamas in the living room as the girls opened their Santa gifts; then we moved down to the family room to open the family gifts from under the Christmas tree.

My sisters and Susan made a delicious supper (with some help from the girls, too, I believe): ham, scalloped oysters, baked sweet potatoes, cheesy green bean casserole, homemade lefse, and I can't remember what else . . . it was plentiful, and we were stuffed afterwards!  My biggest role RE: the food (besides eating it) came afterward when I finished carving the ham and then made ham stock from the bones and some carrots, onions, and garlic cloves that Sandy had on hand.  It made a huge amount of savory stock spiced from the glaze on the smoked ham; and there was a lot of that tasty ham left over, too.  Om nom nom!

Whoever the photographer was, I'm sure she was trying to snap a pic of the beautifully decorated fireplace mantel, right?
Oh, wait, maybe the afternoon nappers (Hillary reclining on her daddy) were the focus of the photo.  Oops!
Didn't Sandy set a pretty holiday table for our Christmas meal?


  1. I enjoy cooking with your sisters -- we seem to work pretty well together, judging by the tastiness of our Christmas feast. :-)

  2. OMG...we ate so much! We also had scalloped potatoes. Along with Mom's pickles. It was followed up with dessert....a long time later!