Sunday, January 30, 2011

Arizonan Missionaries and Indian Food

Highlight of the morning: The majority of the church service was led by two guests who are in the area from their homes in AZ, traveling from church to church in our region to make people aware of Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, a ministry for pastors feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of their jobs.  Those two gentlemen led us in singing familiar hymns and Sunday school songs, and they sang some contemporary worship songs to us, too, including an especially touching one that compared living life to running a race, and reaching heaven to crossing the finish line.  When they noted that those who have passed the finish line then turn around to cheer us on as we run the rest of our own race, I couldn't help but think of Mom and other loved ones who have died; and Hillary and Abigail (who were seated on either side of me) and I hugged and cried through the rest of that song.  (The lyrics also point out that the way we "run the race" serves as an example for those running behind us, so we serve as inspiration and example for others as we strive to live Christ-inspired lives.)

Highlight of the evening:

Susan made a meal of recipes from Aarti Sequeira, whose cooking show Aarti Party our family enjoys watching.  The smells coming from the kitchen all afternoon were fantastic, and the food was delicious!  Click the caption below each photo to read what's in that dish (and how to make it yourself).

beer, ginger, and garlic braised roast
Thai red curry mac 'n' cheese
broccoli and dill raita slaw
Our family eats the most interesting food, thanks to adventurous cooks (mostly Susan) and eager diners.  Over the years, our willing daughters have eaten food that I had never heard of at their age (or, frankly, ever--many things that our family eats are new to them and me alike).  Their classmates and teachers usually give them incredulous looks when they report at school what they had for supper the night before.  I love that!


  1. The meal was both delicious and easy to prepare -- a wonderful combination. :-)

  2. This looks very tasty! Your daughters impress me, with their willingness to try so many things. But even more, they surprise me in that they LIKE so many of the adventerous things you try! They are braver souls than I....Hee!