Wednesday, January 12, 2011

That Cake's for Looking at, Not Eating

Who's another year older?  Susan is!

the birthday girl with the homemade birthday cake made by yours truly (and hers truly)
She often has the misfortune of having to work on her birthday, and today was no exception; so we did the opening of birthday presents this morning before everyone shuffled off to school and work for the day.  Over the Christmas break, I heard her mentioning to friends and family members that she'd like a netbook, not only to use when taking notes at meetings (she's the secretary for a few organizations) but also to check e-mail and make video phone calls to out-of-state relatives.  So the girls and I got her a netbook!  I think she was delighted.

This evening we went out for supper at Spaghetti Western, where we ordered fancy beverages and an appetizer and a main course item for each of us . . . and were entirely too full to finish everything or even think about eating birthday cake once we got home.  (Yesterday afternoon I made a chocolate cake from scratch and made chocolate frosting from scratch, creating a two-level cake of deep chocolate intensity due to all the unsweetened cocoa powder and coffee in both the cake and frosting.)  We'll cut into the cake tomorrow instead.  In the meantime, happy birthday, Susan!


  1. Nice!!!
    I'm sure she'll love the gift! Happy birthday Susan!

    Kevin, you're so "Ina Garden" in the chocolate recipes. Does it make things sweeter like she says? I'll have to try it sometime.

  2. Yep, I thought of Ina Garten, too, when I read the recipes and saw that they both (the cake and the frosting) called for instant coffee granules. I don't think coffee makes chocolate sweeter; it just makes the chocolate flavor more distinct, more intense . . . chocolate-ier.

  3. I had a FABULOUS birthday -- thank you for the netbook, which was just what I wanted, and the delicious DARK chocolate cake. I ate my share, and yours as well.:-)