Monday, January 31, 2011

Too Much Snow

I just spent 1.25 hours in -20° F weather (-40° F with the wind chill) snowblowing and shoveling the driveway and sidewalks so we can get to work and school today.  My sister Sandy asked me on the phone yesterday to post a photo to show how much snow we've got so far, so here's a look at the snow drift on the south side of our driveway.  We haven't even yet gotten to February and March--two months typically with heavy snowfall--and I'm already wondering where I'll put the snow from the next time that the sky dumps white stuff on us.


  1. Your driveway looks like ours with the snow piled high. Are you sure you don't want any more snow as we have plenty to send your way (with even more falling as I write this). How's Abigail doing? Hope it didn't end up being anything too serious!

  2. Anna, you may keep your snow, thank you very much!

    RE: Abigail: She's behaving normally again, but we still don't know anything definitive. Her next appointment is tomorrow, so we're hoping for some insight thereafter.

  3. Our driveway looks fantastic! thank you for taking care of that chore!!!

    I'm a little worried about what will happen with the streets as we get more snow -- it seems like the driving space gets more and more narrow with each successive snowfall.

  4. Wow!! Crazy piled high! Looks like winter in ND last year too! Thanks for the pic!

  5. Ho-ly buckets!! Nicely done!
    I'm glad, for you, that you have a snowblower! I sure wish we could have some snow out here on the west coast. Feel free to send some our direction! ;0)