Friday, February 13, 2009

Computer Fun Is Done

Today was the second (and last) session of Computer Fun (remember?) at the girls' elementary school. Our goal today was to finish the children's Valentine's Day newsletters and get them printed out so that they could give them as gifts tomorrow. When planning this mini-lesson, I spoke to one of the paraprofessionals at the school, who told me that the children would like nothing more than to play online games when they go to the computer lab. Therefore, I assembled links to several Valentine's Day-themed games for the children to play as soon as they finished their newsletters, thinking perhaps some of the kids would whiz through the project to get to the games. Not the case! Most of the kids had little or no time for the games because they were perfecting their newsletters until the very end! Those who did get to the games seemed to enjoy them, though.

Both Abigail and Suzanna signed up for this mini-lesson led by Daddy, and they were model students! Suzanna was among the first to enter the lab today, so I enlisted her help in passing out the instruction sheets from last time to the right children. She finished her newsletter before Abigail did, so I had Suzanna help me with one final item: taping Valentine's Day marshmallow treats (Little Debbie's version of Rice Krispies Treats, only red) to each finished newsletter so that the children would have a ready-made gift to give to whatever loved one was their intended recipient. Susan bought the treats for me, and I asked her to get enough so that each child could have a treat of his or her own, too--that was their lovely parting gift just for playing.

Would you like to make your own Valentine's Day newsletter, Faithful Reader? Go here to do the Valentine's Day WebQuest, to create your newsletter, and to play the online games. You'll have to buy your own sweet treat, though, to accompany the newsletter. And you'd better get crackin'--Valentine's Day is just a few hours away!

P.S. Although I haven't seen Abigail and Suzanna's newsletters, I happen to know that they wrote theirs to Susan, so she'll be getting two marshmallow treats with her newsletters in the morning. Let's see if she tears up while reading!


  1. In case you were wondering -- she DID tear up! The newsletters were very sweet, and the girls did a wonderful job on them. Perhaps we should get them started on next year's holiday letter...

  2. I loved that class and hope you teach it at Berg next year:)!