Friday, February 20, 2009

Vendredi Gras

If you don't speak French, you probably don't get the title of this post--sorry. Susan and I attended a Mardi Gras party tonight. If you've ever heard of people refer to Mardi Gras as "fat Tuesday," it's because "Mardi" is French for "Tuesday" and "gras" for "fat." Since tonight's party was on a Friday ("Vendredi" in French), I thought it apt to refer to it as "fat Friday" ("Vendredi Gras"). Too much? Again, my apologies.

Anyhoo, we were last at our friend Michelle's house for a St. Nicholas Day party, so I'm definitely sensing an ironic theme to her soirées: using religious occasions as the inspiration/excuse for debauchery and revelry. But we're not above that, so we attend when invited! And frankly, the religious history of Mardi Gras is all about "the last hurrah" of celebration one last time before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins and with it a period of solemn fasting and abstinence, so shut up and party!

We had just eaten some tasty homemade pizza before leaving for Michelle's, so I wasn't hungry enough to sample all the delicious food that she had available . . . otherwise it truly would have been Fat Friday (Vendredi Gras)! Instead we visited and enjoyed some beverages (Susan: wine; me: mojitos) and laughed and nibbled. We had a good time! We're home earlier than is customary after a party, though, because we have to leave town dreadfully early tomorrow morning for the girls' swim meet in Williston, ND. Check out Pensive? No, Just Thinking tomorrow for some photos!

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  1. Michelle always has an interesting mix of folk at her parties -- it made for an enjoyable evening.