Sunday, April 12, 2009


The girls arose bright and early to prod Mommy and Daddy into getting up so that the hunt could begin for the Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had hidden in the night!

On your marks! Get set! Go search for your baskets!

Hillary found hers hidden beneath her piano lesson music bag beside the piano.

Abigail was the first to find her basket, giving her a lot of extra time to sit on the couch, force herself not to look in her Easter basket before her sisters had a chance to find theirs, and beam with anticipation.

Suzanna's pose with the contents of her Easter basket demonstrates what the Easter Bunny left for her sisters, too: a summery blouse and matching flip-flops, a Lil Kinz stuffed animal, a karaoke CD (for use with the girls' karaoke machine), and crackers and cookies.

Oh, and for the whole family, the Easter Bunny brought a DVD of the Disney movie Bolt. We watched it together this afternoon.

Don't look at the photo above just yet! After finding Easter baskets, we went into the kitchen and made "resurrection rolls" together. Susan fried some bacon and hash browns while I made scrambled eggs (with the rest of the smoked salmon left over from last night's appetizer). It was quite the tasty breakfast followed several hours later by . . . (okay, now you may look at the photo above) a delicious Easter dinner of ham, roasted asparagus, smashed potatoes, fruit salad, crescent rolls, Jell-O egg jigglers, Easter eggs, pickles and olives, milk for the girls, and wine for the parents.

The smashed potatoes had bleu cheese and crispy bacon in them and fresh parsley on top. A great match with the baked ham.

The girls helped with cleanup while I cut the rest of the ham off the bone, sliced it up, and popped it in the fridge.

Dessert was a blueberry cream cheese dessert that Susan made smothered with whipped cream that I made (heavy on the sugar, heavy on the vanilla extract). After this meal, we were so full that all we ate for supper was popcorn . . . well, liberally buttered and salted popcorn . . . with cups of chocolated malted milkshakes. You know, just a light supper.


  1. Yummy! I can almost taste it just by looking at the pics! Very nice!

  2. I need to mention that Suzanna was responsible for setting the table! She chose to use the blue china, rearranged the table settings to her liking, found the little glass cups to put the jello eggs in by each place setting, and lit the candles.

  3. Wow we ate WAY too much food! I am getting full just thinking about it:)

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter - the Bunny did a great job! Suzanna I am so happy that you are feeling good after the surgery! I am sure you wanted to get better quickly for that good food! Just an update - Kelli is doing great - we should have a new baby in the next few weeks! Give each other hugs from ME! Susan give you Dad a hug for me also! Love you all - see you soon

    Love Jake