Saturday, April 04, 2009

Suzanna's Solo

This morning Suzanna performed in the 2009 Trinity Junior High and Elementary Solo and Ensemble Music Festival at Trinity High School, a short walk just four houses away from our home. The music teacher at the girls' elementary school invited interested fifth-graders to enter, so Suzanna signed up to sing "The Rainbow Connection," made famous by Kermit the Frog in The Muppet Movie 30 years ago. We rehearsed a bit at home last night and this morning (I accompanied her on the piano), and Susan and I gave her feedback as though we were the judges (we had the critique sheet in advance containing the judging criteria). Then the whole family headed over to the school this morning to meet her music teacher and find the classroom where she would sing.

It happened to be the classroom in which Susan taught when she worked there last year! We figured that was a good omen. A bad omen was that I spied in the room a fake piano (pianos are not supposed to require electricity in order to operate), but nobody was there to focus on my playing anyway, so I bit the bullet and accompanied her using the tinny toy keyboard instead of a legitimate piano. Suzanna was dressed formally and appeared calm and confident. She performed well and received very complimentary oral feedback from the judge afterward, who remarked on the quality of her song selection, her tone and musicality, and her expression and interpretation.

On Monday at school, her music teacher will have for her the critique sheet with the judge's written comments and perhaps a ribbon, if she earned one with today's performance. Faithful Reader, you might regret that you couldn't be there to hear Suzanna's performance. Well, lucky for you that, after returning home, we recorded Suzanna's singing the song in our living room! Enjoy:

"The Rainbow Connection" by Williams and Ascher


  1. She was wonderful -- and I was very proud of you both :-)

  2. BRAVO!! Just what I needed to pick me up this Monday afternoon. Watch the mail for I FINALLY got the Birthday/Christmas package sent out. Let's call it an Easter Blessing. :o)

  3. Suzanna,

    Awesome! One of my favorite songs done to perfection. I think you could win American Idol, of course I am an athlete and not a musician, but still awesome!

    Your Godfather

  4. I loved it!! You've got a great ear for pitch and it's fun to see facial expressions and hear vocal dynamics, which enhance the story of the song. I'm proud of you, Suzanna.
    Love Aunty Cathy