Saturday, September 12, 2009

Acting Like an Actor

For one of Abigail's classes at school, she's working on a project about what she likes to do. She was asked to supply a photo of herself doing a favorite activity, the plan being for her to write about that photo as part of the project overall. Abigail asked Susan if she would photograph Abigail and then e-mail the photo to Abigail's teacher to have it on the computer the next day for Abigail to add her own word-processed words.

And what favorite activity did Abigail want to be photographed doing? Acting. Before she could have her picture taken, of course, she had to get into makeup and costume. She did her hair in a "fancy" style, added some color to her lips, donned a glamorous dress from her collection of dress-up clothes, and took Susan out to the veranda to photograph Abigail in various "acting" poses against the dramatic backdrop of the dark night sky. Wanna see some highlights?

She wore her hair up in a sophisticated 'do and chose a dark lip color to indicate the seriousness of her craft.

A serious actor can suggest longing or regret with but one carefully chosen facial expression.

Abigail is what is known as "a triple threat": at auditions, she can out-show others with her skills at acting, singing, and dancing. Here's an elegant dance pose.

Norma Desmond, eat your heart out!

Ah, now there's our Abigail!


  1. I think we created one in sepia tones that we sent for her project. She was going for "dramatic" I believe :-)

  2. oh "dah-link", how beau-te-ful!