Sunday, September 13, 2009

Music from Those Who Should Know It!

My lovely ladies and I just returned from a mid-afternoon music recital at the university. It featured the Music Department's faculty, and many of their students were there to see if their professors could do the very singing and performing that they teach their students to do. And the professors proved themselves very able! We took our standard seats ("standard" being as close to the front as possible) and got comfortable, hearing a wide range of music from the 1600s through the 2000s. I don't have access to video from today's recital, but I have found others' performances of many of the songs to give you an idea of what we heard today.

My favorite was the Noznys' marimba/flute duet of three "musical snapshots of Asia": the first suggesting Bali, the second Japan, and the third southern India. The link above will let you hear two other musicians' performance, and it's well worth a listen. Recitals such as this are one of many benefits of living in a university community, and I'm glad we took advantage of the opportunity to hear the music faculty perform today.

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  1. All of the performers did very well -- it was a fun way to spend an afternoon.