Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another New School Year Begins

This morning was an important one for Susan: the first day of Sunday school for this school year. She's the director of Sunday school for our church, so she has been busy since August making phone calls and holding training meetings and running errands and organizing materials and setting up classrooms at the church, etc. In fact she spent most of yesterday at church finalizing arrangements for today.

Since it was a "first day of school" for her and our daughters, I decided to make them all a hot breakfast to start the day. I cubed Spam* and fried it with chopped scallions, added that mixture to scrambled eggs, folded in some bleu cheese crumbles, and served it with toast with red currant jelly. I made coffee with chocolate syrup and vanilla creamer for Susan and me, so I also made chocolate milk for the girls to drink (we had no fruit juice for me to serve). It was a quick and tasty impromptu meal.

This morning was important for the girls for another reason. There are two children's choirs at our church--one for kids in grades three through six, and another for kids from age four to grade two--and this year all three of our daughters are in the same choir . . . so no more going to the early service to hear one daughter sing and then to the late service to hear the other two sing (as often happened last year). Yippee!

Anyhoo, today was the girls' choir's first performance of the Sunday school year--and their first performance all together--so I captured it on video for you, Faithful Reader. Unfortunately the choir director is standing directly in front of Hillary, so she's not visible through most of the video; but I'll bet you can make out her and her sisters' voices amongst the choir.

"Seek Ye First" sung by the Carol Choir, directed by Dr. Carolyn Burns

*We are not regular consumers of Spam, but I remember having had it occasionally as a child and liking it especially when my mom would fry it and serve it nice-'n'-crispy as a side for eggs or on a sandwich. One day in the grocery store, I saw Spam on the shelf, and the girls told me that they didn't know what it was . . . so of course I bought a can so that I could rectify the situation! They all--Susan included--liked it as crispy cubes stirred into the scrambled eggs this morning. It was a fun blast from the past for me, too.

P.S. The girls' church choir director will be one of several university music faculty performing in a recital on campus this afternoon. We'll be there (front and center, if possible, knowing us) to support my colleagues and enjoy the performances.


  1. 1. Breakfast was delicious -- and such a nice gesture. Thank you so much!
    2. Now that Sunday School is underway, I will actually be spending less time there during this school year than I did last year -- new curriculum should be fun for the kids, is easier for the teachers, and means a LOT less work for me! :-)
    3. It is always fun to hear the girls sing and to watch them too.

  2. The song was lovely! A brief view of Hillary when the director moved over just a bit!