Thursday, September 17, 2009

Suzanna the Patriot

Suzanna's elementary school held a Constitution Day assembly today, part of which involved having one of the students' dad, who is in the military, raise the flag while a few students sang the national anthem. Guess who was one of the children chosen to sing. Yep, Suzanna!

After school Suzanna told me that a photographer from the Dickinson Press had been there for the assembly, so I made a mental note to check the newspaper tomorrow morning to see if a photo of Suzanna would make it into the paper. Lo and behold, it's in the online version of the newspaper tonight! (The newspaper managed to misspell our last name in the caption below the photo. A name as simple as "Moberg"? Really?!)

Here's the photo. Notice the red-white-and-blue theme to the girls' outfits--very fitting for a patriotic day such as today. And see the pin on Suzanna's chest? It's a bejeweled American flag . . . that happened to belong to my mom!

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