Friday, December 11, 2009

Adorable in Advent

Our nephew Davis is getting ready for his very first Christmas ever, ever, ever, and he'll be spending it with us in ND (remember?) rather than in snowless SC, where his parents (Susan's sister Cassie and her husband Nick) make him live far, far, far away from us. As you can see above, he has already shared his wish list with Santa. Perhaps he asked for a house here in Dickinson. I can't wait to see if Santa brings that for him!

Wanna see some more pics of the kid? Of course you do. He's so dang cute! Here ya go:

Nice mohawk.

Play time.

Already reading.

Hooded up.

Bright smile!

Formal wear.

Real swinger.

Great family!

We are so eager for you to get here, Davis, and to spend time with you and your Mommy and Daddy at our house for the holidays!


  1. and I bet he won't get the least bit spoiled! ;-)

  2. They will be in ND in 2 days -- and at OUR house in under a week!!! He's just so cute -- and isn't that a nice family photo at the very end? Can't wait to see them all!