Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm meetings-ed out!

  • The semester ended yesterday for me when I had my final meeting with my final class (for their final exam) at the university. And this morning I had my final meeting with a student. Overall it was a good semester with lots of good students. I also have lots of ideas for revising my courses for next semester, so I'm looking forward to that already, too.
  • Today I was invited to come as a guest to the meeting of the board of directors of the Western Wellness Foundation, to which I have been elected to serve starting in January. Many of my students serve as mentors to area youth as part of a program run by Western Wellness, so I'm familiar with some of their work. I'm looking forward to learning about their other programs and to offering my assistance on the board.
  • After that meeting, I attended an afternoon-long department meeting at which my colleagues and I ate (potluck: lasagna, salad, fruit, garlic toast, antipasto tray, cheese cake, and drinks) and then discussed what assignments we have our students do in each of our courses. We all needed a better idea of what happens in others' courses, and now we can move forward with some other plans that we have for our department. It was fun, productive, and a step toward more collaboration (which isn't easy when most of us are so busy on a daily basis).
  • After that meeting, I attended a meeting of the organizers of Sneak Pique Productions, a new community theatre group. We discussed a period radio show production (an Agatha Christie murder mystery) for the end of January (we'll have a live audience but also broadcast simultaneously on a local radio station) and a full-length play for March. We also finalized plans for our twice-monthly play reading group (remember?) with plays to be selected by yours truly.

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