Thursday, December 31, 2009

Warm Hospitality in the Frigid Red River Valley

We always have a Christmastime celebration with our friends Jeff and Janelle and their family, usually involving our staying overnight in their home (in Harwood, about 4.5 hours away), being treated to delicious food and drink, and thoroughly enjoying their hospitality. This year we're two for three.

You see, they're in the middle of a house remodeling project, so we planned an afternoon visit that would not involve their having to blow sawdust out of the corners of their home so that we could find places to sleep. We adults got to visit and see the progress on their construction project, the children got to play, we enjoyed tasty beverages and a great dessert that Janelle whipped up, we exchanged gifts, and then we got out of their hair. (It also happens to be their 17th anniversary today, so I'm sure they have better things planned than entertaining house guests . . . hubba-hubba!)

You're not surprised, Faithful Reader, that there are photos:

Janelle and Jeff hold the personalized door mat that we figured they'll need to put outside their newly remodeled house so that visitors will know who lives there (since it'll look so different from the old version of their home).



Megan (their first child)

Jaden (their second child)

Jordan (their third child)

Austen (their fourth child)

Suzanna, as Jeff and Janelle's goddaughter, always receives a birthday present from them, too. This is an etched glass block that can be used as a keepsake box or stuffed with a string of lights and used for room decor, etc. Jeff and Janelle find the most interesting gifts!

Megan and her "sisters" Hillary and Abigail. Just because Jeff and Janelle are Suzanna's godparents, our children all consider themselves related. Three blondes and four brunettes? Uh huh.

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  1. Even though it's a year in between visits, it's like you've never left, isnt' it?
    And the remodeling pics bring back several memories of our own house on the farm and living through the messes of each room that had been done there!