Monday, December 21, 2009

Morey Christmastime Get-Together

Susan's aunt and uncle Kathy and Pat are s' good to host the extended family at their lakeside home for special occasions, including holidays. They did so again tonight so that everyone could get together and see the out-of-state relatives who are here for Christmas visits: Susan's aunt Jake, her daughter Kelli, and Kelli's daughter Kynnedi; and Susan's sister Cassie, Cassie's husband Nick, and their son Davis.

There was a lot of terrific food (sausage and dumpling soup, cheese and broccoli dip with corn chips, crab dip with crackers, shrimp with cocktail sauce, crudités, and "holiday baking" galore) and conversation . . . and noise! There were LOTS of little kids running around--very fun! Here are some photographic highlights:

Morey great-grandchildren! Trae (sitting with his daddy Todd), Hillary holding Davis, Abigail holding Kynnedi, Kaden, Suzanna holding Kylan, and Jordan (sitting with his mommy Laura)

Kathy's daughter Tina's son Kylan (with his mommy)

Kathy's son Todd's son Trae (with his mommy Trista)

Susan's aunt Mary's daughter Laura's son Kaden

Laura's other son Jordan

Jake's daughter Kelli's daughter Kynnedi

Susan's mom Sue's daughter Cassie's son Davis (with me)

Nick and Cassie, the parents of Davis

Cassie and Kelli, cousins and best friends

Nick and his son Davis

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  1. great pics! Gotta love the family get-togethers!