Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Neighbors

Our neighbors across the street, Roger and Audrey, are moving.  Roger accepted a job offer out of state, and he moved already, actually, after helping to get the house packed up and their belongings shipped off to their new home.  Audrey has remained behind to tend to the final "to do" items, including the closing on the house with the new owners.  Roger and Audrey have always been nice neighbors, friendly to us and to our daughters.  They even kept frozen treats in stock each summer in case the girls would stop over during a bike ride or on a break from playing outdoors.  And Audrey always prepared special treat bags on Halloween and set them aside especially for our girls when they would stop by to treat-or-treat.  Isn't that nice?  Well, Audrey had a final act of niceness in store for our girls this afternoon.

Abigail, Hillary, Audrey, and Suzanna

She phoned late this morning and spoke to Abigail, asking if the girls would like to go out for ice cream with her this afternoon.  Abigail said that she'd have to get her parents' permission first, but of course we said, "Yes!" The girls were SO excited and spent a lot of time selecting their outfits and doing their hair in preparation for the outing.  Audrey picked them up and took them to Bogey's Diner downtown, and they had sundaes and malts and ice cream sundaes.  When she dropped them off, she told Susan, "They are the best girls . . . just the best."  Isn't that sweet?  And, Audrey, you are the best, too.  Thanks for being a great neighbor, and best wishes on your move and your new home.

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