Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lutefisk and Lefse

After baking lefse and Scandinavian desserts yesterday, we were ready and eager for our Sons of Norway lodge's annual lutefisk supper this afternoon and evening!  During my morning reading (of on-line newspapers and blogs), I encountered these related tidbits:
  • The editor of the Dickinson Press wrote an editorial for today's paper in which he promoted our lodge's lutefisk supper even while making fun of lutefisk itself.
  • A columnist (whose writing appears in several ND newspapers) proclaimed this the start of "Norwegian Week" in the state due to some important Norske-themed events in Bismarck and Minot.
  • A blogger for the Sons of Norway wrote about an unusual event held in MN this weekend: lutefisk toss!
That put me in the right frame of mind for the day.  I chose to wear the Norwegian flag tie and Norwegian silver tie clip that I received for my last birthday; and whenever someone at church this morning would remark on my tie, I took the opportunity to promote the lutefisk supper and invite them to attend.

At the lutefisk supper, Hillary and our friend--and fellow lodge member--Monica spent a shift taking tickets at the serving line.

And so did Suzanna and Abigail.  Susan and I spent a shift selling raffle tickets out in the lobby.

The girls also spent a shift demonstrating Norwegian handcrafts in the lobby for people to see and chat about on their way in and out of the supper.  Here is Suzanna demonstrating Hardanger needlework.

And Abigail demonstrated knitting.

As did Hillary.

After we had all carried out our assigned duties, it was our turn to buy our own meal tickets and go in to eat.  The boiled potatoes, meatballs, and gravy were very good, and surprise: the lutefisk wasn't that bad, either!  Our neighbor Chuck volunteered to help in the kitchen this year, and we decided that he is to credit for the lutefisk's having an actual fish-like consistency this year (instead of the over-boiled, gelatinous, snot-like consistency that it often has).  The lefse was so delicious: thin, soft, moist, and fresh.  And the dessert tables featured an array of home-baked treats that were fun to sample after the meal.

Our names were not drawn in the raffle, but we did leave with full tummies, a bag of lefse "to go," and the satisfaction of having played a part in another successful lutefisk supper!


  1. Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? huh,huh,huh???

  2. Sounds very yummy! You all definitely earned your supper(and had to pay anyway).
    So, am I to guess--by the silence of my phone yesterday--that I din't win anything? ;0)

  3. Unfortunately for us all, none of the tickets sold by or purchased by the Moberg family were winners. However, the dinner was delicious!