Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Just Call Me Mentor

Our entire family went to church tonight, and there wasn't even a church service to attend!

It was the first night of children's choir rehearsal for this school year, and Abigail and Hillary are both in the choir for grades three through six.  (Suzanna, in grade seven, will now join the adult choir.)

It was also the first night of meetings for mentor groups, one aspect of the confirmation program for kids in grades seven and eight.  Each child is assigned, along with a few classmates, to one adult mentor (a lay person volunteer); and their group meets once a month throughout the school year to do activities and discuss topics that are extensions to the actual confirmation classes (which are led by a pastor).

Suzanna went tonight as a student to meet her mentor and her group mates; Susan went as a parent to hear orientation information from church staff for parents of the students in the program; and I went . . . as a mentor!  Yep, they suckered me into serving as a mentor for this year (and, theoretically, for next year, too--they like each mentor to stick with his/her group for both years of the confirmation program).  I met the five seventh-grade boys in my mentor group as well as their parents.  Then the parents went off for another session, and I did some getting-to-know-you icebreakers with my mentees.

Afterward Suzanna reported that, in her all-girl mentor group, they giggled and told stories all night for their getting-to-know-you time.  In my all-boy group, we talked about video games, hunting, and sports.  I have the feeling that Suzanna and I will have many post-mentor-group nights of contrasting synopses.

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  1. I'm sure it will be an interesting 2 years for both you and Suzanna. The boys with whom you are working are lucky to have you as their mentor!