Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, Days 1-2: Jerrett's Birthday

We're out of town for a little vacation over Labor Day weekend, and it all started with an article in Food Network Magazine.  It recently had a feature on old schools that have been refurbished and re-purposed as restaurants, and one of those places is in Riverdale, ND!  We have driven through Riverdale several times on the way to and from Minot, ND, but we didn't know that such a quaint treasure existed there.  I decided that we ought to check it out!  And rather than just drive to Riverdale, look around the old school, and then come back home, I planned a weekend's worth of frolicking for the family to justify our travels to Riverdale.

It so happens that Susan's brother Jerrett's birthday is in just a few days, and he lives in Mandan, ND, which is, more or less, en route to Riverdale.  So Day 1 of our vacation: travel to Mandan after school yesterday, take Jerrett out for supper last night for his upcoming birthday, and spend the night at his place.

Jerrett's not overly fond of posing for photos, but he was a good sport, showing off the birthday cake that the Texas Roadhouse provided at the end of our delicious meal there last night.

We got up bright and early this morning to start our weekend adventures.  Jerrett said farewell and posed for a photo on his front deck with his nieces Suzanna, Abigail, and Hillary . . .

. . . and for a photo with his older sister, Susan.

And then we were off by 7:15 A.M. (our time).  Faithful Reader, you may recall that Susan and I have made a habit out of planning delightful surprises for our daughters, putting them in the vehicle without telling them where we're going or what we're going to do, and then letting them figure out our plans as the clues present themselves or as soon as we arrive at our destination.  That's how this weekend is working, too.  In fact, I planned the whole weekend and made the necessary arrangements myself and was going to keep even Susan "in the dark," but I did share my plans with her to get her opinion (and she approved!).

When we had the girls pack Friday for two nights and two days away from home, they concluded that we'd be staying with Jerrett until Sunday; so now they're wondering why it was necessary to pack everything up again already this morning, why we had to get up and on the road so early, and what's in store for them whenever we arrive wherever we're going.  They're going to enjoy this weekend of surprises!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jerrett! It was fun to see you -- thank you for letting us invade your home.