Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, Day 2: Downstream Campground Rec. Area

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Just a short drive south of the power plant is the Downstream Campground Recreation Area, which I thought would be a good place to spend some time in between the end of the power plant tour and the start of the next item on my itinerary.  Not that I wanted to set up a tent and camp for 45 minutes or something like that!  I just knew (thanks to the InterWebs) that the recreation area has an interpretive trail for hiking, so I planned a little more outdoors time for us.

The recreation area is on the west bank of the Missouri River just south of the dam's power plant.  The hiking trail took us through pretty vegetation and by a trout pond to the river itself.  The weather is as beautiful this afternoon as it was this morning, so it was a refreshing, invigorating walk!

Suzanna and Abigail lead the way.

The trout pond looks a little swampy, but the fish seem to enjoy it.  And it's very pretty.

Look what we could see when peering northward from the trail!  Do you recognize it?

Yep, that's the power plant that we just toured!  The wide earthen Garrison Dam stretches east and west in the background; the surge tanks stick up out of the power house; and the water enters the Missouri River from Lake Sakakawea via the gates at the base of the power plant.

The girls observe the wide Missouri.

Hillary and Abigail are posing as Lewis and Clark, duplicating (to the best of their memory) the markers that they have seen for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.

So, how'd the girls do?  (See the ND Parks and Recreation Department.)

Now it's time for our next destination . . .


  1. This campground was one of our family's favorite camping spots when I was a kid. It has expanded A LOT from when we used to be there. Such a beautiful setting.

  2. I love the pics. And the girls did pretty well! I'd probably have camped overnight had I been there. It's what I love!