Friday, October 01, 2010

Live on Stage: Susan and Kevin!

Susan and I attended a performance of Lettice and Lovage, a comedy presented by Sneak Pique Productions, the local community theatre group.  Sneak Pique just started last year, and I have been involved on the periphery, attending organizational meetings and coordinating a play reading group as part of Sneak Pique.  Susan and I haven't directed or acted  yet, but we're sure that we will someday.  In the meantime, we attend the productions and always enjoy them.

Lettice and Lovage was performed at the public high school, and Susan and I received red slips of paper when we entered the theater.  It turns out that those slips earned us some time on stage during the show!  In the play, Lettice Douffet works for a British historical society as a tour guide at an old house with a rather boring history.  So she spices things up by fabricating events that have occurred at the house throughout the years!  We witness her stories' becoming more and more audacious at a series of tours that open the show.

Audience members with yellow slips were called on stage to listen to Lettice's standard (factual and boring) spiel at first.  Then those with blue slips were called up to hear another tour spiel, this one more fanciful.  Susan and I were in a group that heard quite a few ridiculous tales from Lettice!  During her last--and most outrageous--tour, Lettice is stopped by her employer, who has heard about her lies and has come incognito to observe Lettice in action.  She is fired, but that's not the last that her (now ex-) boss encounters of her!  The rest of the play was just as funny, and the two lead actresses (both colleagues of mine at the university) were terrific in their roles.

(So, since we were on stage during the show, can Susan and I list this play on our theatre résumés?)

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