Friday, October 15, 2010

Embouchure Tips from an Amateur

Tonight our family attended a concert performed by the university's jazz band, and we were amazed at how excellent they sounded!  There were just 15 musicians, but the sound was full and rich, and all the songs were polished and fun to listen to.  They had a guest performer: a saxophonist named Doug Drewek.  You can watch/hear Dr. Drewek's playing in some videos posted on his Web site.  He's a very good alto saxophone player.

Abigail takes saxophone lessons from a music education major at the university, who herself was excited to attend tonight's concert to hear Dr. Drewek . . . so Abigail got excited about it, too, and seemed very intent throughout the performance.  As our family walked home together afterward, Susan and I asked Abigail what she thought of Dr. Drewek.  She thought he was good, but she was amazed that he was using incorrect embouchure, as was the university faculty member who conducts the band and plays tenor saxophone for it.  Well, she admitted, at least the way he was holding the mouthpiece in his mouth and puffing out his cheeks was different from what her own teacher had instructed her to do.  At least we knew that Abigail had been paying attention!

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  1. I was taught the same thing Abigail was. The teeth aren't supposed to touch the mouthpiece...only the lips. Good job Abigail....way to check out their forms!