Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saxon Samstag

It's time for another Scandinavian Saturday in the Moberg household.  However, I am so swamped with work that Susan suggested I continue grading student projects, and she offered to take over the preparation of ethnic edibles . . . just with a German theme this week (to honor her own heritage).  Thus, Scandinavian Saturday became Saxon Samstag this evening!

Looks delicious, right?  Read on to find out what everything is.

Susan bought German Bier for me to drink, and she sipped German Wein: Blüfeld Riesling.

Kürbis Rahmsuppe ["pumpkin cream soup"]

Rinderrouladen ["beef rolls"] -- The delicious filling (around which Susan rolled up the flattened beef) included bacon and pickles!

Kartoffel ["potatoes"] -- For gravy we used the sauce from the meat.

Spargel mit zerlassener Butter ["asparagus with melted butter"] -- That's a topping of bread crumbs.

Apfelstrudel ["apple strudel"] -- The filling included Golden raisins, craisins, and crushed-up shortbread cookies!


  1. {mouth watering} looks yummy!

  2. It was . . .esepcially the meat. Pickles! Pickles inside! With bacon! Awesome.

  3. If we ever made recipes more than once, I'd make this again. :-)