Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parents Night

Suzanna's varsity swim team career continues.  At this point in the season, she (and we) are more or less used to the early-morning and after-school practices and the out-of-town meets, although balancing all that with doing homework and practicing piano and trombone and attending confirmation classes at church and eating meals and spending time with family and sleeping is still proving to be a tricky endeavor.  Nevertheless, tonight was Parents Night at the home swim meet in Williston (recall that Dickinson co-ops with Williston for varsity swimming, so Suzanna wears Williston Coyote apparel instead of Dickinson Midget clothes when swimming).  I had to teach all day as well as attend a meeting led by my chair, our dean, and our president this afternoon . . . so I couldn't be gone.  However, Susan took time off from work to drive Suzanna to the meet and be there as a parent.

The Parents Night portion of the meet involved announcing each swimmer and her parent(s) as they walked together around the pool and lined up.  When it was the seniors' turn, the other swimmers formed an archway with their arms under which the seniors walked to go greet their parents.  The seniors received balloons and flowers, and then the meet continued.  Suzanna swam the 50-yard freestyle, the 100-yard freestyle, the 200-yard freestyle relay (improving her previous time in each of them), and the 400-yard freestyle relay (which she had never swum before).  Then it was out to Rice and Spice for supper before driving back home.

Somehow the co-op agreement between Dickinson and Williston doesn't require either school to provide transportation for the Dickinson swimmers to and from meets (whereas Williston swimmers, like athletes at all other schools, get bused to and from their athletic events) . . . thus, the driving of the daughter to and from Williston.  Sigh.  We're happy that Suzanna is active and developing her body as well as her mind and artistic talents, but we'll be happier still when the varsity swim season is over (just in time for the club swimming season to begin . . . ).


  1. It's definitely awesome exercise for them. Great job Suzanna, on improving your times! ;-)

  2. And we just found out that their team (Williston/Dickinson) won whatever is the equivalent of "state" for swimming! That's due in part to Suzanna because overall winning is based on the accumulation of individual first places throughout the season, and Suzanna was a first-place winner at a meet!

  3. They won WDA -- which is like regionals. Now, the top girls head to Bismarck for the state meet this coming weekend. Go, Coyotes! :-) It has been fun to watch her progress this season -- I'm looking forward to seeing what happens during the club season.

  4. Hm, my informant (Suzanna) wasn't accurate. Oh well, she herself is still learning how varsity swimming works.