Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Morey, the Merrier

Susan's uncle Frank and his son John are in town this weekend for hunting, so Susan's aunt and uncle Kathy and Pat invited all available members of the extended family to their house for supper and visiting.  Suzanna was out of town yesterday and today for a swim meet in Jamestown, but the rest of our family went over to Kathy and Pat's and enjoyed visiting and snacking (and our girls enjoyed playing with the little kids in the house: their third-cousins!) (and Suzanna got dropped off there when the swimmers returned to town, so she, too, got to see everyone).

Wanna see some photos?

Pat and Kathy's daughter Traci and her husband Tori were in Halloween costumes to go work at the family's bar downtown.

Here's Frank (no longer in his hunting gear) visiting with Kathy (holding her granddaughter Tatum) and me.

Here's Susan's aunt Audrey listening to Frank, too, while Susan's cousin Laura and her husband Brian grab some chips from the counter behind her.

Here's Laura again, this time listening to her mom, Susan's aunt Mary.  Laura and Brian are expecting their third child to be born any day now!

Susan's uncles Dale, Pat, and Terry visited around the dining room table.

Abigail is holding Kylan, son of Pat and Kathy's daughter Tina and her husband Craig.

Hillary is playing with Brian and Laura's son Jordan.

Laura and Brian's other son Kaden is playing with Trae, son of Pat and Kathy's son Todd and his wife Trista (who are the parents, too, of Tatum, the baby being held by Kathy in the photo above).


  1. Aren't family get-together's the best?

  2. It is always fun to get together -- but I realize now that I missed a picture of John and his friend. They escaped the madness in the house to watch football out in the sunroom and missed out on the pictures. I'll catch them next time. :-)

  3. Yep. I love that, no matter the family, the best place to be is in the kitchen or the adjoining dining room so that the snacks are never more than an arm's-reach away!